Railay Village

Bhunga Thani

Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa provides the first class accommodation in 60 exclusively appointed guest rooms and villas, 24 Deluxe Rooms, 12 Deluxe Grand Rooms, 16 Duplex Rooms, 7 Pool Villas, and 1 Presidential Villa. Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa provides touches o

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Railay Village

Railay Village

Railay Village Resort & Spa - Krabi

The resort is entirely surrounded by limestone cliffs and only accessible by boat. We offer you a choice of bungalows, Thai and Western food restaurant and friend

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Railay Village

Railay Lagoon

Railay Lagoon or Lake:
Railay lagoon is another attraction for the adventure lovers. You have to climb up and down. Some steps are too steep and you need to jump or tightly hold a rope. After getting tired enough, you will find a lagoon. Find

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Railay Village

Railay East

Railay East Beach
Railay East is not suite for swimming as mangrove. Plenty of food shops, mini pub, near places of rock climbing. Accommodation in Railay East is much cheaper than Railay West side.  Just 5-7 minutes by walking to Railay

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Railay Village

Railay West

Railay West

It’s good for sun bathing, swimming, sea canoeing, etc. It is the pier for tourists from Ao Nang. 9:00 am everyday, boat from Ao Nang will be stop for tourists for 10 minutes and leav

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Railay Rock Climbing

Railay Rock Climbing is likely to be an ideal activity of Railay. By this picture, a trainer of rock climbing is showing. Limestone cliffs on Railay East are plenty for rock climbers. I would recommend Cliffs Man on Railay West. 
Check it first if you like. ....Railay Map


Cliffs between Tonsai and Railay beaches are very interesting. It's suitable for a novice like me.